Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday ..... To Me

Well as you guessed today is my birthday. Let me take you back a few years to the setting and a cute story. My parents were living in the moutains of Eastern, KY. They were married for 3 years when they had their first child and she was stillborn. They were devastated and dad swore he did not want anymore after the loss. I am glad that 3 years later they decided to have another one. Of course I was that other one. When I was born I weighed 10 lbs and 7 ounces a big - little girl. Mom had big babies and it passed on to me as all 3 of mine weighed more then I weighed. Well anyways during the birthing process I was smashed in the chest and had to be placed in a special area in the nursery. There are two thoughts that come to mind. Imagine the fear my parents went through during this time (after losing their first child) and looking at things now my chest definitely did not have any damage LOL. Well the cute story since Mom stayed in the hospital for almost a week Dad would go work in the coal mines during the day and come visit her at night. YES I was born a Coal Miner's Daughter (Loretta Lynn must have had me in mind when she wrote that song). One night he came to visit and he ask well did anything happen etc... She said, "they came by today for the name on the birth certificate" and Dad said, "well what did you say." She said I named her, "Dender Lynn." Dad said, "you named her Dender Lynn?" I can see him thinking now he said, "Chris (my Mom)I will be back I need to step out for a second." He walked down to the nurses station and said, "I have no idea what my wife was thinking when she gave you the name Dender Lynn but our little girl's name is Karen Elizabeth." I wonder if that is why I stay so confused today? With my Dad being in the hospital today with pneumonia and leukemia I wonder if his mind goes back to many years (HA HA thought I was gonna tell you huh?) ago when he was there for the birth of his little girl. I know my parents will never read this BUT I am so thankful that God blessed them and gave them me and that he has blessed me with them!