Monday, January 30, 2006

My Hero.................................

It truly is amazing to go through life and discover you finally know who your hero is. Now I am not talking of a Super Hero comic figure such as spiderman. My hero is none other then my Dad. Of course we have read stories and as kids declared that our Dad is our hero, well mine is. Right before Christmas my Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia, it is a slow moving type. Then the first of January he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. This crushed all of us as we quickly learned to rely on each other and to turn to the Lord. I quickly learned that the things we pray for are not the things that God always has in store for us. I would never have wished two cancers on one person much less my Dad. I quickly learned I had tons of friends, the phone calls, people stopping by my classroom meant more to me then words can say. The power of prayer is what pulled us through to be honest with you. Dad hesitated on having the surgery to hopefully remove the lung cancer. They were to remove 1/3 of his right lung and if it was not in the lymph nodes he had a 95% chance, if it was he had a 50-50%. If he did not have the surgery he would die a very slow and painful death. With much prayer and convincing Doctors he decided to have the surgery. We were called home this past Wednesday to be ready as the surgery was the next day. He was the first surgery done that day the Dr. told us to expect him to go into ICU and for surgery to last 3 hours or longer. Surgery lasted a little over 2 and 1/2 hours and he was allowed to go right into a private room. We felt everything was going our way. Dad came out joking and making us laugh, which sure helped our spirits. I was convinced since everything was going so well something would go wrong. I was right on Friday morning Mom called and said the Dr. told us he thought that there was a 99% chance it was in the lymph nodes, it was crushing!! Later that afternoon the preacher came in and he prayed wit us and his prayer focused on we need a miracle. Saturday morning I had one of those good to heart talks with God, not focusing on what I wanted but strength and courage to accept what he placed before us. Within 2 hours Mom called and said the reports were in that it was not in the Lymph Nodes. He will not need radiation or chemo and just needs to be rechecked in 3 months. My new phrase is "Aint God Good". Dad is still in the hospital but making progress, sure he will be strong but he is a strong man, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad came up to me the night before his surgery and said Karen I am doing this for you kids and my grandkids. Anyone who would do that for me and my kids only deserves to be my Hero!! I know my Dad will never read this, but I want the world to know I love him and that I thank him. Love ya lots DAD!