Thursday, September 22, 2005


Many of you know that my birthday is over the Labor Day Weekend (usually). To me that is a sure sign, other then the absence of my husband that it's time to play football Mississippi State Style. My best friends Kara starts counting December 31st as to how many days until our first game. She is one of the biggest fans that I have run across rooting for our "Bulldawgs". It's amazing that I have been involved with football for 20+ years and there are things she is still teaching me as I sit in the stands. The best one yet is the play that I have taught her called The Statue Of Liberty. She has no idea what I am talking about as I have no idea what I was explaining. Well anyways, we have traveled to many away games, dealt with many rude restaurants yet we support our "dawgs". Our family has some good friends that we meet every year at the beach in Sarasota. I know Ron was coming in for the MSU vs. UGA game this weekend so I invited him to ride with us as we have special parking. He informed me he was bring 5 of his friends. So we are planning a big tailgate party with food catered in from Little Dooey's BBQ place here in Starkville, which ESPN frequents often. The first thing I want to mention is that Ron and his friends do support the Bulldogs but unfortuantely it is not our Bulldawgs! I am sure the fellowship will be fun and sweet up until game time. Thank goodness Paul did their tickets away from "our dawgs". It will be a good game and trust me on this one that one set of Daw/og's will win. I have already told him that the winner cannot rub it in the losers face on the way home. All I have to say about this, as my friend Kara sits by my side is go "BULLDAWGGGGGGGGGGGGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!"
PS This is my first blog topic please give me feedback!!!!!!!!!!!