Friday, August 22, 2008

An Elsie Funny

Elsie is one of my best friends. We drive to school together 4 days a week. When it gets cooler we hope to start walking to school, from her house of course. Well yesterday after school I dropped by to see her and as we were sitting there the electricity went off. I said,"Elsie I think your electricity just went off". She said, "no joke, you have to be the brightest crayon in the box". No sooner then she said that she turned around to open a can of refried beans and both of us started laughing at the same time BECAUSE without electricity she could not use her electric can opener. There's no hope for the two of us together so we have come to the conclusion since there are not many people like us that we no doubt have to be from the 4 pack of crayons that they give out to kids at Applebees. You all have a great one afterall, TGIF!!!!!!!!


Tassie said...

There are many times that I have tried to turn on a lightswitch after the elecricity went off.

Unknown said...

You 2 are just quite amusing!! :)