Friday, September 05, 2008

An Update On My Dad

First off, I am not wanting a pity party. I seriously doubt many people read my blog since I very seldom have feedback LOL. So this post is for people who have inquired about Dad and to help me through the hurting process. The past couple of days have been really hard for me. It all started on Wednesday (my birthday) when I spoke to my Mom. She said, "let me see if Dad is strong enough to wish you a happy birthday." He got on the phone and said something along the line I better wish you a Happy Birthday as I may not be there for your next one. Dad has been in the hospital 27 nights of the last 43 that is more then half. Alright I passed that part of math LOL. So here you go on the update. It will be long and I apologize in advance.
On August 21st Dad was released from the hospital after an 8 day stay. He had been on antibiotics and they felt he was strong enough to go home. When he got home he continued to run fever. On Tuesday August 26th the fever was still hanging on. Mom put a call into the Dr. and they wanted to see him within the hour. Once they got there they decided to start chemo. He did ok through the chemo sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday he had a reaction in which they counteracted it with Benadryl and was able to continue the chemo. After that session he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. So he has been in the hospital since August 28th.
We arrived there on Friday night August 29th and David (my brother) informed me Dad looked real bad and that he would not be surprised if he did not come home. That night they gave him 2 more pints of blood. Saturday the Dr. came in and said we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is bacteria in the blood. The good news is that we know which antibiotics to give. When I saw him Saturday his color looked good but he obviously had no energy and looked really weak.
They have decided to do chemo 1 week and he will be off 3 weeks. They did a biopsy of a spot on his lung, they said that was not a concern as the leukemia was there main concern. They will do chest x-rays daily at this point. He is still running fever and they called a disease specialist to come in yesterday. So you can see things are really hectic now. Mom refuses to leave him alone at night and I know she is really tired.
Now is my time to vent on my feelings so you can know how to pray for me. My prayer has been that Dad will live long enough to allow Paul to get stronger so he can be with me. The main prayer to is that he does not suffer and when the time comes he will die peacefully, I would prefer it happen in his sleep. I pray for my children as they have yet to really experience death, and that God will make me strong to help them through this time. As I sit and read this paragraph I noticed my prayer request was that God will let him live long to allow Paul to get stronger and now that Paul is stronger dad is getting weaker. I spoke to Paul about this last night and he reminded me to pray as Jesus prayed, “Thy will be done.” This is hard to say a part of me is stubborn. I pray that when the time comes that I can let go. I know I can let go as I will have to BUT I pray I will be OK. Does that make sense?
Thanks for allowing me to vent and for your continued prayers. Have a great BULLDOG weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. God will take care of you guys during this difficult time. Let me know if I can do anything to help you!

I missed your birthday because I was at a workshop. Happy Belated Birthday!