Monday, June 16, 2008

Through life we run across

things we just don't understand. I know that no one will read this blog so I am basically going to use it as a diary of my feelings. I went home to Benton, KY this past weekend to surprise my parents especially my Dad for Father's Day. When I left there house I broke down and cried. It took me back to 1981 when I left their house as a newlywed. Part of me then had mixed emotions someone told my Mom at my wedding that she was losing her best friend. That I was moving so far away and things would never be the same. Well that was 27 years ago and things have never changed. When I left this past time I had the same feelings that I was leaving them and going so far away and things would never be the same. Times have changed in 27 years. I look at my parents health and it breaks my heart. My mom use to love to go shopping with me and this time she was not able to. Dad is losing weight he now weighs 150 lbs and stays so tired. His bout with lung cancer surgery and leukemia is taking his toll on him. It breaks my heart to see them go downhill and know I am so far away from them. My brother has not spoke to me in a year, sure wish I could make him grow up and realize now is the time to pull together versus drift further apart. Life does not seem fair! How does one cope with a situation like this? It hurts and does not seem fair! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!