Monday, April 30, 2007

My very first 5K..............

Kara and I walked this past Saturday in our first 5K together. She had walked in one before but it was the first for me. This weekend 5K run was created to increase awareness of ovarian cancer. We preregistered and qualified for a free shirt Yeah. I heard my cousin speak of these perks and thought cool I have my first 5k shirt. Kara and I walked the event their were 3 different times that we did run a few steps, then I had to stop and catch my breath LOL. Our time was a little over 45 minutes. I bet it could have been faster if I would not ahve stopped twice to pick up the pennies I found OR to stop and pick up my water bottle which dropped. Kara did allow me to cross the line first I guess age before beauty LOL. I told her we needed to do this about every 6 weeks travel places and try to increase our time. We finished - not in the top ranks, there were no medals or recognition only the thrill of saying we finished! Oh by the way today was weigh in at the school and I have lost 33 pounds YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 Big accomplishments since Saturday what does the rest of the week hold for me??????


Janet said...

YEAH!!! I am sooo proud of you!