Monday, April 09, 2007

Guess What..............

I have dropped a dress size? I know it's no big deal for you to read this and go whipdedoo Karens dropped a dress size BUT this is such an accomplishment for me! Back in February I tried on a dress to buy for my cousin Janet's wedding and really liked it! I found another outfit I liked better and bought it instead, I felt I would get more wear out of it at the school and all. Well the Saturday before Easter my husband, daughter and I went shopping for her an Easter dress. We found a coupon that entitled us to $30.00 off if we bought x amount of clothes. So we started looking around and I found the exact same dress on sale this time more then 1/2 off. So I took it the larger size which I tried on for the wedding and then I took in the size smaller. I immediately tried on the size smaller and it fit perfectly and thought this cant be right so I tried on the larger size and it hung real low under the arms so that one could see my bra if I raised my hand. So the smaller size it was and boy do I feel good about it. OK I will share with you my weight loss up to this point, please do not share with my parents! I will see them at my sons graduation from college on May 11th and I want them to be totally surprised! Mom has always come down hard on me about my weight and its nothing for her to make some sarcastic remark. So my goal is to lose a few more pounds before graduation and blow their socks off. OK heres another drum roll. As of April 2nd I have lost 23 pounds! I am at the point I can tell it and it is so exciting!


Janet said...

I am SO proud of you