Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm so excited ..............

I got a new washing machine. Paul and Andrew just went and got it for me from Lowe's. Now I know your saying why does that excite you? Our washing machine has been on the brink for weeks. It would wash clothes and all BUT when it would hit the spin cycle it would spill water onto the floor. Now this is no big deal as I would grab beach towels and allow it to soak up the water. The towels would dry out on the clothes line and then I would start all over again. On top of that Lowe's was offering 10% off YEAH. Well we plugged it in and of course I started a load and it is so quiet you can bearly hear it running. I have informed Paul I can do laundry all night long and he should be able to sleep through it. So for the beach towels they are retired hummmmm wonder when I can retire?


Cindy said...

I know what you mean, I had a washer that was on the fritz only it spewed water everywhere and it was a mess to clean up. I was so exited about getting a different dryer. I even did my dorky happy dance. Going to the laundromat is not a fun experience.